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No Death Drug Network
Each decision one makes about drugs could be a life or death decision and that is why we need to be informed.

One of the main purposes for the
No Death Drug Network
and book, "How to Have Fun and Not Die," is to blow the drug topic wide open. We want to provide each individual with the information that he will need when he enters this substance-abusing world to which, in one way or another, almost all people are eventually exposed.

It's About Not Dying
There are countless precautions one can take to help prevent an accidental overdose. Education in drug experimentation results in fewer deaths. There is no reason why 1000 of us should have to overdose from the same combination of drugs. All we have to do is communicate.

Let's Talk
Visit the blog on this website to read and write about
drug experiences. Every day we learn about new drugs, combinations or routes of administration. By sharing practical information with each other, we are helping to ensure the safety of future drug practice. You can also visit our Facebook and Myspace pages for open discussion.




“Education is a man’s going forward from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty.”
- Kenneth G. Johnson


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